Thoughts / ideas from John Garmony
I have been thinking. Our meetings & charitable activities have been suspended. WHAT DO WE DO NOW?   Rotary’s purpose is to help better our community & in adversity we should continue our work.
What are our resources ?
  • We have members who would like to help
  • We have community respect
  • We have connections with a wide ranging community network of local businesses, senior citizen groups, youth groups, schools & City of South Perth amongst others
  • There are many people & perhaps groups through social isolation who need help.
Where can Rotary fit in?
Through our network can we bring those that HAVE together with those that DON’T ?
Thinking aloud
  • Can we talk to the City of South Perth, through Mayor Greg Milner who is a Friend of Rotary member of our club. The City may have resources eg library, senior citizen, youth welfare etc services through their community care programs we could volunteer or link into..
  • Local businesses such as Preston Street IGA, Angelo Street Markets, Preston Street News Agency, Barbaro’s Butcher who have supported Rotary in the past by allowing us to have donation boxes in their businesses & provided sponsorship when called on could welcome volunteers to do home deliveries to customers who lack mobility or access to shops. Local Pharmacies & those groups doing meal deliveries maybe others to help as well.
  • Could we visit those who lack social or family network support to check on their wellbeing & add some joy to their day by showing them that someone cares.
  • If schools close down are there any areas we can help in relation to child welfare/care. Maybe child minding or group child caring at school. Maybe school P&Cs and Rotaract could be a points of contact. Our teacher members may have some ideas in this area.
  • Could we initiate a “keep in contact with your neighour” program for our local communities.
  • I’m sure there are many other areas of community need we could look at.
Wellbeing of our own members is also important. While meetings are suspended will we be setting up some sort of regular member intercontact & also in the event of health issues affecting one of us should we have a support mechanism.
Hopefully my thoughts will provoke further ideas for the Rotary Club of Como to be leaders to assist the betterment of our community in these unprecedented times.
John Garmony
Member, Rotary Club of Como