Rotary in WA Driver Education (RWADE)

Rotary in WA Driver Education is a program adopted by Rotary clubs in  Districts 9455 and 9465 in Western Australia, to provide driver education to a secondary student, who is about to embark on obtaining a driver’s license.

The program provides forthright information, to influence a student’s attitude towards and knowledge of road safety, before they become a young driver or are a passenger of a young driver.  Whilst informing a student that obtaining a driver’s license can be an empowering event, in terms of freedom of movement, the program aims to inform the student about the responsibilities associated with having that license and the consequences of any misuse of it.

The program runs over one day for ideally about 180 students  from Year 10 or 11 and  is conducted at a suitable location approved by the joint RWADE committee. The program comprises six educational modules, being:

  • Hazards, distractions and risks in car driving;
  • Safety features and ratings to look for when buying a car;
  • Good maintenance and stopping distances of a car
  • When not to drive or be a passenger in a vehicle and what to do to avoid being in that situation;
  • Consequences of common driver’s license breaches and unsafe driving by young drivers (presentation given by Road Traffic Police); and
  • The dramatic effect of a catastrophic road traffic accident (presentation given by a survivor)

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