13 of 2020 -2021: 15 November 2020
2020 - 2021 Training (!!!some dates have been altered!!!)
  • Foundation Grants Seminar             20 February 2021
  • PETS                                            10-11 April 2021
  • South Coast Assembly                    2 May 2021
  • Kalgoorlie-Esperance Assembly       16 May 2021
  • South West Assembly                     23 May 2021
  • Metro Assembly                             30 May 2021
27 - 31 May 2023: International Conference at MELBOURNE!
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Thank you to all the clubs that have made donations towards camp. Thank you to the committee for working so diligently to bring happiness into many lives.
The cost of sending someone to camp be it Camper or Buddy is $800.00
We still need close to $15 000.  Covid has created havoc with everyone’s Fund Raising but if you can see your way to donate please do. 17 clubs have not responded to our call for help as yet. It’s not too late to make a contribution no matter how small.
Banking details.                   
Account Name :  Handicamp
BSB 036-096
Account # : 253355
Handicamp Chair
WENDY COOPER     handicamp@rotary9465.org.au       0414764435
Applications for RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) for 2021 are open now!
RYLA is an intensive eight-day program designed for 18-28 year olds with leadership potential and a commitment to community service. The program is a unique opportunity aimed to bring participants out of their comfort zone and challenge them to think outside the square while actively using and building on their existing skills and knowledge.
RYLA includes seminars, workshops, physical activities and team games relating to areas including Communication and Public Speaking, Leadership, Team Work and Group Dynamics, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Goal Setting, Time Management and Self Awareness and Emotional Intelligence.
All applications must include the name of their sponsoring Rotary Club, and we expect that applicants have contacted their local Rotary Club to arrange sponsorship prior to submitting the form.  The RYLA Committee will assist with this if necessary.
Applicants are interviewed prior to acceptance onto RYLA.  Successful applicants will have the energy, commitment and motivation to develop their leadership potential and be willing to challenge themselves physically and mentally over the course of the program.  
Please note: Applicants who have come to us via a Rotary Club will receive priority acceptance onto the program.
RYLA is held at the Serpentine Camping Centre from Saturday 9th January – Saturday 16th 2021.
Rotary Club Sponsorship for a RYLA participant is $850, and the participant contribution is $200.  This includes all activities, accommodation and meals for the week..
Applications for RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) for 2021 have been extended to 15th December!
We still have places available for RYLA in January 2021 that we need to fill in order to make the camp a success.
If your club has someone they'd like to nominate, but has yet to do so, please get the application to us as soon as possible to that they don't miss out!  You can either email to ryla@rotary9465.org.au or submit online at https://forms.gle/Xseqmn3c6FUYxX6n9.
To assist with our planning, please do let me know if you have an application on the way so I can make sure we hold a place for them (as long as we get the form by December 15th!).
RYLA is held at the Serpentine Camping Centre from Saturday 9th January – Saturday 16th January 2020.
Rotary Club Sponsorship for a RYLA participant is $850, and the participant contribution is $200.  This includes all activities, accommodation and meals for the week.
If any participants believe they will struggle to afford the $200 contribution, please ask them to apply anyway and we can come to some arrangement.  I'd hate for anyone to miss out for financial reasons.
The application form is available online - https://forms.gle/Xseqmn3c6FUYxX6n9 and a paper copy is attached to this email.
If you have any questions, please contact me on 0402 491 139 or ryla@rotary9465.org.au.
Yours in Rotary Service,
Ian Ball
Chairman (2020-21)
Rotary District 9465 RYLA Committee
Leadership Through Self-Awareness
Phone: 0402 491 139
With the ongoing COVID situation we are still working from home. . . . however, the following is still happening:
Bhutan - The monsoons and a rise in infection rates has slowed installation progress but we are still anticipating completion of the 120 schools by mid 2021.
Bangladesh, Dhaka - A grant to the Rotary Club Dhaka Royal combined with support from Disaster Aid UK and Ireland has resulted in a Bubble CPAP machine being delivered to the Bangladesh Children’s Hospital for COVID affected babies.  
DAA’s grant also supported 91 food parcels being delivered to deserving families.
Bangladesh Agrabad - A grant to the Rotary Club of Agrabad has been used for a food program for the Masajidda, Shitakunda school which takes in orphans and children from poor families who are unable to support all their children with the COVID pandemic.
Beirut Explosion - We are working with Disaster Aid Europe to have a SkyHydrant installed at a major hospital and contribute to the repairs.
We have also shipped 3 SkyHydrants, including one donated by DAA, to our friends Safe Water for Every Child Myanmar.
We will be continuing to deliver grants for Pandemic and /or Disaster Support to trusted partners until DARTs can travel.
With the 120 schools of the Bhutan 2020 project moving towards completion we are
  • Opening discussions about continuing installations in Bhutan but at a slower speed to allow us to commence Safe Water for Every Child project’s in other countries
  • We have started discussions with the RC of Dhaka Royal about the possibility of providing safe water to Bangladesh schools.
  • We are looking at the possibility of providing safe water in Vietnam.
  • In spite of the pandemic we are still receiving donations which are running above our worst-case predictions.
  • We also continue to cut our non-operational costs thanks to Cherie keeping an eye on our finances.
  • We also thank Jan Burney who has been working in her families' business, Lee St John, for the last few months which has reduced our wage bill
  • A great boost has been the RC of Greater Dandenong and Endeavour Hills deciding to meet our rent bill for the full financial year.
  • At this stage we believe we will be able to deliver approximately $200,000 of Aid in financial year 2020-2021.
  • In September we took advantage of a discounted membership of the ‘Grant Hub’ that provides information on philanthropic grants that are available. Currently we are looking at making at least one application in the coming months.
  • An interesting consequence of the Pandemic is volunteer Janet Ashworth has been able to raise over $600 by selling her home-made facemasks.
Trisha Malloy is continuing to make progress in improving feedback to SkyHydrant Sponsors.
We have done a number of presentations both to RAWCS regions and individual clubs by ZOOM.
In addition to a ‘traditional’ PowerPoint presentation we now also host a “Virtual Vocational Visit’ to DAA.
The DART Manual has been broadened to become a manual for the whole of the Operations that can be delivered to a tablet computer or to a mobile phone thanks to support from Calmar Corps.
The document has been split into a number of short easily viewed and ‘digested’ sections and includes sections on:
  • Background Information.
  • Deployment Management.
  • DAA Equipment.
  • DAA SmartAid methods for emergency, transitional and permanent Shelter.
  • DAA Safe Water for Every Child methods.
  • Short instructional videos (We are continuing to shoot additional videos to add to the manual).
  • Technical resources.
The work to date is being reviewed by DART Coordinator Dianne Holland before a wider release for training.
I would like to thank all those who made comments about revisions to the Dart Manual.
We Have been recording our office COVID responses and continue to review procedures so we can resume working from the Office when permitted
We are currently experimenting with online training by providing 20-30 minute sessions to Balay Mindanaw during their weekly meetings.
The sessions utilise our existing power point presentations and the new videos prepared as part of the Operational Manual.
We have posted on our website about DAA’s 10th birthday in May 2020 (The delay was due to the fact we got a bit distracted due to COVID).
We also posted on the Disaster Aid International website about the anniversary of DAI which is in October.
For more information on any of the above items, and to keep up to date don’t forget to:
We try to post once a week.
Brian Ashworth
CEO  (Honorary)
Mobile: 0491 104 943
N.B I work for DAA (from home) on  Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays between 10.00am and 4.30pm  please make an appointment. Other times by prior arrangement.
With the current Pandemic the office is currently closed.
The R100 Centenary Baton has now been launched.
The Centenary Baton is an important symbol of how Rotarians connect with each other and our communities, now and into the future.
Imagine Rotarians, local personalities, Councillors, community leaders, community groups, and everyday people around Australia & New Zealand carrying the baton of service and passing it forward. Imagine the R100 Centenary Baton being passed on at every District and Club Changeover for the next 100 years, with the Rotary leader’s name inscribed in perpetuity. Connecting with future generations of Rotary leadership.
Their Excellencies The Governor General and Mrs Hurley have passed the Centenary Baton to the Presidents of Melbourne and Sydney; the two clubs that were founded in 1921 with 100th anniversaries in April and May 2021. It’s now the turn for every District and any Club to obtain your very own Centenary Baton. Think about the value it can bring in so many ways.
How can you get involved?
  • Own your own R100 Centenary celebration and be part of a bigger event!
  • Energise your club and create a celebration of 100 years of Rotary by planning an event - a Dinner, Fund Raiser, Walk through Town, or maybe a Fun Run.
  • Involve your community in your planning, invite members of the public to be part of the committee, engage community groups and businesses to partner with you.
  • The baton is a visible symbol of 100 years of Rotary achievement. Reach out to local media to get the message out across your area. Tell the story of what Rotary has achieved and where we will make a difference in the next 100 years.
  • And be part of a R100 Baton Relay across Australia & New Zealand to celebrate 100 years of Rotary working in our communities. Throughout the country, State by State, District by District, Club by Club. Rotary Connects in new and novel ways like we never have before.
  • Gather batons from across the nation for a “Parade of Batons” at signature Anniversary events throughout 2021, showing your colours and demonstrating to the world that you were there!
We are actively seeking club and district champions.
For more information and to purchase your own R100 Centenary Baton, visit the R100 Centenary Baton website at https://www.r100baton.com/ or become Facebook friends @ https://www.facebook.com/R100baton.
The R100 Baton Champion is PP Linda Humphries who would love to hear your story at linda@sandstonehaven.com
RC Freshwater Bay is coordinating a Rotary Wine Appreciation Fellowship Chapter
For some time the RC Freshwater Bay has discussed forming a local Chapter of the Wine Appreciation Fellowship, deciding on the name ‘North of the Swan’ as the name of the Chapter.
It is intended that Rotarians from all Clubs interested in participating in the RWAF join Freshwater Bay in this venture.  However, Rotarians need to become members of the Fellowship.  Please see http://www.rotarywine.net/application.html to join for a once off cost of US$110.  Sec. RC Freshwater Bay Di Collins has a supply of the distinctive gold corkscrew  lapel pins which are included with the lifetime membership fee.
If interested in helping to establish and become involved in the RWAF, please contact Vocational Service Director Fiona Tremlett M. 0416 224 134 E: fiona.tremlett@gmail.com
More details from june1@me.com 
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