RC Albany PortThe Rotary Club of Albany Port would like to make a timely appeal to all Rotary Clubs in Western Australia  on behalf of a voiceless victim of the of a bushfire which devastated areas around the Cape Arid National Park.
The fire has also impacted (again) on the habitat of the vary rare and critically endangered bird - The Western Ground Parrot.
All information and photos provided by Paul Wettin who is a member of our club and Chair of the Friends of the Western Ground Parrot who are trying to stop the demise of this unusual, shy and very beautiful bird.
Albany Port support this project regularly and particularly now in time of crisis but there is so much more that other clubs can do to support the preservation of these birds and on going research into any other surviving populations as yet undiscovered.
We bring your attention to the District Governor's newsletter which contained an article on The Rotary Foundations response to disaster, particularly these sections:
The Rotary Foundation response to disaster… while not in the best position to be a first responder…
and there are three main aspects of this response, the third one being:
(from the Rotary Foundation article in January edition of  Connections)
The following is an extract from a recently published appeal by the Friends of the Western Parrot:
More information can be obtained with enquiries to:
The critically endangered Western Ground Parrot is a bush fire victim too, so please help*
Another major wildfire at Christmas 2019 occurred in Cape Arid National Park and the adjacent Nuytsland Nature Reserve- the 3rd major fire in this area in 4 years. This resulted in the loss of another 6,000 ha of core, known western ground parrot habitat, with the total parrot habitat loss from the 3 fires being nearly 90%. Only 14,500 ha of intact core parrot habitat remains in Cape Arid. Prior to the 2015 fire in Cape Arid it was estimated that less than 150 parrots existed in the Park and the Nuytsland Nature Reserve. This makes the parrot one of the rarest birds in the world and WA’s rarest bird.
In response to the Christmas fire, the Friends of the Western Ground Parrot launched a fund raising campaign to provide 10 acoustic recording units (ARUs) and their installation for urgent parrot survey work. (https://www.givenow.com.au/crowdraiser/public/findingandprotectingthelastwildwesterngroundparrots).  
*The Rotary Club of Albany Port supports the Friends of the Western Ground Parrot and this cause with a $500 donation and as part of the Rotary Foundations’ Response Disaster for the bush fires and habitat loss and wildlife impacts.