The Rotary WA Cord Blood Bank  - Our Rotary Centennial Project is the Rotary Centenary gift to the WA community from the Rotary Clubs & Rotarians of WA.
In 2005, in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Rotary International’s foundation, Rotarians in WA committed to raise $6M to establish the Rotary WA Cord Blood Bank as a special gift to the people of WA
This massive project was completed on time and on budget and picked up an award from the Master Builders’ Association in the process.  It is a third floor extension to the Wellington St, Perth, site of the Australian Red Cross Blood Service and was designed and constructed with their support and co-operation throughout.
A licence was issued by the Therapeutic Goods Administration to allow the collection of umbilical cord blood from healthy newborns (with the mother’s consent) initially at King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women. The resultant stem cell fractions can be stored at the new facility and subsequently used in the treatment of patients with some life-threatening diseases of their blood and immune systems.
As determined in the agreement between Rotary and the Australian Red Cross dated 29th October 2008, the project will soon be formally handed over the Australian Red Cross Blood Service for their management.
Contact:  PDG John Iriks - (Kwinana) or Hugh Langridge -  (Ascot)