We have encouraged you to create and maintain Facebook pages as a means of communication with their communities, other clubs and Rotarians.

So you've started your new club Facebook page and you're all set to go! Now what?

  • One important thing to remember about any Facebook page: it's NOT an old-fashioned hard copy newspaper.You're not writing a column.
  • Facebook is a dynamic and interactive environment. Facebook is a conversation waiting to happen and your page is your opportunity to talk with your fans.  Tell them what's going on, your plans and all that exciting stuff your club has in mind.
  • For a Rotary Club, the sky's the limit.  Your meetings are abuzz with interesting guest speakers, new projects and worthwhile causes. So a meeting report would be a great start. Not a lengthy formal thing, maybe just two or three sentences. 
  • Got a picture?  Good! Share it!  Got a few?  Create an Album..  Imagine you're chatting with someone and showing them your photos...
  • One other really important thing. If your post attracts responses from your fans, make sure you reply.  That's how they know you're interested and want to engage.
  • You might also consider joining the Rotarians on Social Networks Fellowship (ROSNF) WA Rotarian Simone Collins played a major role in creating. ROSNF promotes the safe and effective use of social networking to promote Rotary fellowship and service. For more information go to the ROSNF website at

And Here Are Some Other Tips

  • Only create Pages not Facebook profiles which are reserved for people. Pages are appropriate for organisations like Rotary clubs.
  • If you want to keep in touch with a particular club on Facebook simply go to that Club's page and click the "like" button at the top. You will receive any Facebook updates from that page in your Facebook news feed.