Rotary Australia World Community Sevice (RAWCS)‚Äč

A program of Rotary International that covers water quality and supply, health, hunger and low cost housing.

Project Volunteers

Rotary clubs can support Project Volunteers by encouraging volunteers and members to become supporters by making tax-deductible donations. Volunteers are needed on a continuous basis. Some 750 Rotarians and friends a year travel to undertake projects with the indigenous people of the Pacific region and beyond.

Donations in Kind (DIK)

Donated and useable products are collected, sorted, stored and on request despatched to Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) International Projects.

Save Water Save Lives (SWSL)

A program to supply clean water to desperate people in underdeveloped countries through a planned system of water catchment, storage and reticulation. It includes training local people in the construction of concrete tanks, and encourages them to maintain and protect their water supply system. Education in hygiene is also offered.

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Rotarians Against Malaria (RAM) 

A major project to minimise the death and suffering caused by malaria, including the coordination of the provision and supply of mosquito nets and suitable housing for malaria affected areas.

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